From 68K to 1.8M/Month in Revenue with a 9.85x ROAS.


We started our collaboration with this eCommerce brand on the 14th of February 2022. This business was suffering from pandemic restrictions and reached out to us in order to revamp their eCommerce website and profitably grow their sales. We successfully grew their brand to 7 figures a month with a 9.85x Return on Ad Spent.



in monthly revenue within few months of our collaboration


in monthly ROAS across all ads platforms


Facebook Ads
Google Ads


Paid Ads


Low sales volume with a 2.3x ROAS

This client was selling their products through their website built on Shopify. The business was established in late 2021, however, in early 2022 they were not satisfied with its revenue and profitability. The Client was investing around $2000 a month with an average of 2.3x global ROAS across Facebook and Google.

The CEO & Founder of this brand was aiming for a 200% growth in top-line revenue with a 3x ROAS within 6 months of our collaboration.


Creatives optimisation and Google Ads strategies

After a deep analysis of their tracking, creatives, ad structures, and other marketing touchpoints we developed an action plan that could fix the current client’s problem.

In a nutshell, we started with optimizing their Facebook & Instagram ad creatives in order to boost the number of clicks and return on ad spend while decreasing their customer acquisition costs.

We leveraged our internal network of Partners and Creators to create UGC videos that could get the desired results.

While working on the development of these creatives, we re-structured their Google Ads account and campaigns integrating new strategies and campaigns.

After 1 week of production, we launched their new creatives on Facebook Ad with a new campaign structure that could increase their current results.


+2200% in monthly revenue with a 9.85x ROAS

After a few weeks of testing and campaign optimizations, we helped this brand to grow its top-line monthly revenue by +2,200% with a global 9.85x ROAS across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.

These results, generated within few months of our collaboration, were 11 times higher than their target goal.

After 3 months since our collaboration, this brand surpassed its main competitors in both organic traffic and monthly google searches.

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