From 0 to 50K MRR with 10.10x ROAS


Our team successfully launched an online subscription business from scratch, using a meticulously planned marketing strategy to acquire customers at a low cost. Within just two months, our client gained a 10.10x return on ad spend, adding €50,000 in monthly recurring revenue. This success solidified their business foundation and sets the stage for continued growth.



in total ROAS since brand launch.


in monthly recurring revenue from Facebook Ads only.


Facebook Ads


Paid Ads


From Idea to Launch

Our team played a pivotal role in assisting our client in launching their online subscription business from the ground up. We meticulously planned and strategized their comprehensive marketing acquisition approach with the goal of acquiring new customers at the lowest possible cost.

Through extensive research and analysis, we developed a highly effective Facebook ads strategy tailored to reach and convert their specific target audience.


Facebook Ads Strategy and Execution

Our team conducted thorough research and analysis to develop a highly effective Facebook ads strategy for our client, ensuring their ability to reach and convert their target audience. This involved comprehensive market research, competitor analysis, and brand evaluation to understand the most effective means of communication with their desired demographic.

We identified multiple marketing communication angles that would best engage their target audience and facilitate meaningful connections. Additionally, we assisted them in sourcing talented content creators to generate user-generated content (UGC) specifically designed to maximize ad performance.

By implementing this strategy, we successfully launched and maintained ads featuring high-performing content, while consistently refreshing creatives to prevent ad fatigue and ensure continued success.


From 0 to 10.10x ROAS and 50K€ MRR

Following the launch of the ads, our efforts yielded outstanding results for our client. We achieved a remarkable 10.10x return on ad spend (ROAS), effectively adding 50.000€ in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) to their business in just two months since its inception.

This exceptional outcome demonstrates the success of our meticulously crafted marketing strategy and the efficacy of our targeted approach in reaching and converting the desired audience. The significant growth achieved within such a short timeframe showcases the value we brought to our client’s subscription business, solidifying its foundation and setting the stage for continued success in the future.

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