eCommerce Replatform: +200% in Conversion Rate


This case study showcases our client's journey to overcome underperforming conversions and improve user experience through a website revamp. Within a tight 15-day timeframe, we successfully migrated their eCommerce brand to Shopify, delivering a visually captivating website optimized for desktop and mobile. By implementing strategic features, such as a custom shopping experience for their bikini sets and trusted elements like client testimonials, we achieved an outstanding 200% increase in the conversion rate.. The client experienced remarkable growth in profit margins, demonstrating the transformative impact of our high-performing website solution.



in Website Conversion Rate


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From WooCommerce to Shopify

This client approached us due to the underperformance of their current website in generating conversions. Furthermore, they were facing persistent issues and bugs that were hindering the overall user experience. Additionally, they expressed a desire to revamp the website’s appearance to align it with their brand identity. They asked us to propose a solution to enhance the website’s speed, increase the conversion rate, enable effortless content editing that they could do on their own (such as adding products or modifying website text), and deliver a rejuvenated visual aesthetic. Finally, the client required all of these objectives to be accomplished within a tight timeframe of just 15 days.


Crafting a High-Performing, Brand New Website Within 15 Days.

Based on the client’s request, we proposed migrating their eCommerce brand to one of the best platforms available in the market, Shopify.

Leveraging our partnership with Shopify, we gained priority support to implement specific features requested by the client, aligning with their current business model.

In the initial phase, we diligently created a comprehensive website wireframe and provided a UI/UX preview that not only catered to the client’s requirements but also boasted an appealing aesthetic to stand out from competitors. Our design efforts focused on optimizing the user experience for both desktop and mobile platforms, strategically incorporating elements aimed at maximizing the conversion rate. We included trusted elements such as a brand showcase section and client reviews/testimonials to instill confidence in potential customers.

Moreover, a custom shopping experience was developed to enable customers to purchase the bikini set as a single product rather than as separate items. After a few days of development, we successfully established a seamless connection between the front-end purchasing process and the back-end product inventory, ensuring accurate inventory management with each bikini set purchase. Following an intense 15-day development period, we met the client’s tight timeline and successfully launched the website, perfectly timed for the commencement of the summer season.


+200% in Website Conversion Rate

The impact of the new website we created for our client was nothing short of extraordinary. From the very first day of its launch, we witnessed remarkable results.

The conversion rate skyrocketed to an impressive 2.2%, a significant improvement from the meager 1.0% achieved by their previous website. Building on this success, we diligently implemented various new functions to maintain a stable conversion rate of 2% even months after the launch. This extraordinary increase of approximately 200% in the conversion rate proved to be a game-changer for our client. Not only did it lead to a surge in their profit margins, but it also resulted in the maximization of their returns on marketing investments.

The new website truly propelled their business to new heights, setting remarkable records along the way.


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