+572,10% in Email Revenue in 19 Days.


The client was underutilizing the potential of their email marketing efforts, with email revenue accounting for a mere 7% of their total revenue. However, through our strategic activities, we successfully improved their email marketing performance. Within 19 days, we achieved an astounding 572.10% increase in overall email revenue. As a result, the client's email marketing contribution surged to an impressive 28% of their total revenue. Our activities effectively propelled the client's email marketing efforts to new heights, delivering exceptional results and substantial growth within a short timeframe.



in email revenue within 19 days.


in email flows revenue after 19 days from launch.




Email Marketing
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Email marketing revenue lower than 7%

This client was not leveraging email marketing at its best. They were running some basic flows (standard flows from email marketing software), without a specific strategy. In addition, they were not using and lead generation strategy to increase the list of potential customers in their CRM.


Email Marketing Strategy to acquire new potential customers and drive sales.

By implementing an effective email marketing strategy, we aimed to acquire new potential customers and drive sales for our client. Our first step was developing a lead generation strategy, which involved creating a lead form to capture valuable customer information. This was optimized in a way to not just be GDPR compliant, but also to maximize the quality of the leads coming in.

In addition, upon reviewing the client’s existing email flows, we identified untapped potential. To maximize their revenue from email flows, we completely revamped their approach. Leveraging the capabilities of Klaviyo, we designed and implemented six new email flows that were tailored to engage and convert leads effectively. This involved overhauling the design and copywriting to ensure compelling and visually appealing content. Through our comprehensive strategy, we aimed to maximize the client’s revenue potential and achieve significant growth in customer acquisition and sales.


+572,10% in Email Revenue in only 19 days.

Our email marketing efforts yielded exceptional results for our client, showcasing the power of a well-executed strategy.

In just 19 days, we achieved an astonishing increase of +572.10% in email revenue. This remarkable growth was attributed to the addition of six new email flows, which proved to be instrumental in driving sales. The revenue generated from flows alone skyrocketed from $17,000 per month to an impressive $45,000 per month.

Additionally, our strategic email marketing initiatives played a pivotal role in overall brand revenue coming from email, contributing to a substantial increase from 7% to 28%. These outstanding outcomes demonstrate the significant impact and effectiveness of our email marketing strategy in acquiring customers and driving substantial sales growth for our client.

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