40% in Additional Revenue from Email in 1 Month


We recognized the untapped potential of email marketing and proposed a comprehensive strategy to our client. With captivating design and persuasive copy, we developed 7 automated email flows and executed monthly campaigns. In just one month, our efforts increased their MRR by 15.000€, with email generating 40% of their total store revenue. This demonstrates the powerful impact of effective email marketing, establishing it as a key revenue driver for our client.



in additional revenue coming from Email within 1 month.

15K €

in email marketing revenue in 1 month.




Email Marketing
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0€ in email marketing revenue

Recognizing the untapped potential of email marketing, we approached this client who had yet to explore this valuable revenue channel. Despite their success in generating revenue through advertisements and organic channels, we believed that incorporating email marketing could further enhance their growth trajectory.

Demonstrating our commitment to their success, we proposed to assist the client in building a comprehensive email marketing strategy from scratch. By leveraging our expertise and industry insights, we aimed to harness the power of email campaigns to unlock a new stream of revenue and expand their customer reach.


7 automated flows and monthly email campaigns

After meticulously planning and crafting a robust email marketing strategy aimed at boosting the client’s revenue, we swiftly moved into the execution phase.

With a keen focus on captivating design and persuasive copywriting, we developed 7 automated email flows, including the Welcome Series and Customer Winback, among others. These carefully constructed flows were launched and continuously optimized on a monthly basis to ensure maximum effectiveness.

In addition to the automated flows, we strategized, planned, created, and executed monthly email marketing campaigns that aligned with the client’s goals and objectives. Through our concerted efforts, we aimed to create engaging and personalized email experiences for the client’s audience, driving customer engagement and ultimately leading to increased revenue and business growth.


From 0 to 15K/Month in Email Revenue

Our email marketing management service yielded outstanding results for this client, as evidenced by the significant increase in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

In just one month of implementing our strategies, we successfully added an impressive 15.000€ to their MRR. Furthermore, the revenue generated from email campaigns accounted for a remarkable 40% of the client’s total store revenue within the same timeframe.

These outstanding outcomes highlight the immense impact that effective email marketing can have on a business’s bottom line. Through our dedicated efforts and expertise, we were able to drive substantial growth and establish email marketing as a key revenue driver for our client.

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